Yep that’s me!

Wanna be model here! Little me, future photographer, posing at a Pro Scout modeling photo shoot. Anyone remember them?! . My modeling career with Pro Scout? I did get to walk the runway but I did not get a call out. And needless to say, I did NOT become a famous model haha…


Even when I was little I wanted to create photos, I mean look at the use of that fan blowing the curtains in the breeze and the strategic placement near that plant! In all seriousness though… I want the hair color and tan back from my youth! And look at that look of longing as I hold that flower and gaze off into the distance!

Maybe I should have been actress not a photographer. But you get the point, I’ve always loved taking portraits. 

I guess what I want you to know from all that is I understand what it likes to be behind the lens. I’m JUST as self conscious as you about being photographed, if not more. I will see you, and you ARE beautiful, and I will find that beauty and capture it. I will give you photos you love that are not only authentic to you but perfectly polished and with wisdom that comes for a life long love of composing photographs.

If I’m not taking portraits you can find me outside in nature “hunting” wildlife. One of my photo goals is to get a picture of a bull moose so I’m often tracking them through the woods of NH where we have a camp off the grid in the mountains, or you can find me out playing with my husband and two kids in the great outdoors, or at my Yoga studio Sweet Yoga in Hinesburg. Let’s Shoot! Whatever your story is I want to help you tell it, beautifully, so let’s work together to create images you’ll forever love. We are remembered in the memory of others and live on in pictures. Have a picture you’ll want remembered and cherished?